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Is a Bulldog the Right Breed For You?
A Bulldog is:
a dog that loves and needs human companionship and lots of attention
a dog with a great sense of humour, not perse the same humour as their owners
a dog that can be very stubborn and “naughty” – unless its owner knows to make clear to the dog what behavior is rewarding and wished for
a breed that, unfortunately, suffers from many different genetic disorders (not all individual Bulldogs suffer from disorders – but for the breed as a whole, the many genetic disorders are in my opinion defenitely a weakness!)
So, the right owner for a Bulldog would be:
someone who has a lot of time to share with his/her dog
someone who loves to cuddle his dog a lot
someone who knows how to let the dog’s intelligence work *for* him, instead of against …
someone who’s “soft” – but at the same time can be consequent all the time
someone who is patient – but doesn’t give up easily
someone who can appreciate a dog being clownish and “naughty”
someone who is aware of the breed’s weaknesses and is alert to prevent the Bulldog’s illness / death – knows how to recognize early symptoms of disease
NOT someone who’s looking for a dog to keep outdoors
NOT someone who’s searching for a very athletic dog, to go for very long walks or jogs every day etc.
NOT someone who’s looking for a dog that will “automatically” ** be very obedient (a Bulldog can learn to obey perfectly, but this will only succeed if the owner knows how to train a dog using positive training methods, and will to train the dog regularly).
There’s not one single breed that will be obedient automatically! However, the average Bulldog will be more disposed to do whatever seems right to the dog itself, whereas some other breeds will be more disposed to do whatever their owner seems to like! Bulldog puppies ARE NOT lazy couch potatos! They are puppies, puppies will be puppies they will play and run and jump and chew and be sweet lil balls of energy.